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Sign the Petition & Vote Sept. 14, 2010

Greetings my Fellow Haitians & Haitian Americans,

My name is Joseph Marthone and I am a candidate for NYS Senator, District 10 in Queens, NY as a Democrat. My Mother brought me from Haiti to the U.S. when I was 8 years old. I earned an AA Degree in Commercial Art, Advertising & Lay-Out and my Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Taxation & Finance from Queens College. Since my youth I’ve been an activist standing up for what’s right while facing down the opposition, learning diplomacy along with negotiations. I recently had the great and amazing opportunity and experience of working at the grassroots level on President Obama’s campaign. I’ve also recently formed a grassroots organization called “Sons of Haiti Committee” that will bring both male and female volunteer speakers into elementary, Junior and High schools with a large Haitian-Immigrant student population to address their needs and concerns as well as to motivate and inspire them to stay in the right path while pursuing excellence. My community service activities also includes the chairmanship of a couple of non-profit organizations dealing with the issues of poverty, HIV/AIDS education & prevention amongst the youth, as well as financial literacy education for both youths and adults, and being a Special Advisor to Nigeria at the United Nations High Level Meeting, just to name a few.

The Power To Make History Happen:  Sak pasé? Nap avance’, Nap monte’!!!

Most of our parents and elders faced the challenges and made great sacrifices to come to and or bring us to the United States, thereby establishing a new life and roots here in America.  It’s time that we obtain political empowerment.  Other groups have done it and are doing it.  American politics demands that we Haitians UNITE, as others do and have done, in order for us to move not only forward but also upward with common concerns, goal and aspirations.  This is the frontier that we must fully engage in, the journey that we must embark upon.  Our playing small does not benefit our people nor the World, it never has.  We can do this by electing constant voices to be heard and not just when there’s a crisis or a smear on Haitians.  The urgency of the moment is now and the power of now is here.  We are the ones that should and can make it happen (and not to be left up to future generations).  You can make the difference!  No matter where you are, you can help.  If you believe that “L’Union Fait La Force” as is stated on our native Haitian Flag, then it is imperative that you lend a hand somehow.  We need voices in American politics that can always address our needs and issues while representing a larger body of constituents.  I offer myself as one such voice.

The Urgency of the Moment: The Challenge

We need 100 Volunteers to collect 5,000 to 10,000 more signatures by 9pm on August 17th to get us on the ballot (for the November 2nd General election).  That’s about 2 weeks to collect 6-10 signatures per day minimum.  Don't be scared or feel overwhelmed. We can do this!  The more of us that helps, the lighter the load for us all.  The goal is to collect the signatures and addresses of ANY REGISTERED VOTER that resides in the areas of Rosedale, Laurelton, Springfield Gardens, Rochdale Village, Jamaica, South Jamaica, Ozone Park, South Ozone Park, Richmond Hill, & (parts of Briarwood, Rego Park, Forrest Hills, & Howard Beach).  Most people are ready to embrace the opportunity to have/create a choice.  They can be Democrats, Independents, Republicans, Green, Working Families, Conservative or Blanks (Undecided registered voters).  We need your help to get them to sign the petition.  Be 1 of the 100!!!


 Then you can carry the petition and collect signatures.  If you’re not, then you can also spread the word to your family and friends, pass out flyers, make a donation and stay in touch.  There are millions of us here in the U.S. and hundreds of thousands in the NYC area.  We have a strategy in place but we need you, the volunteers, to make it happen.  We’ve targeted some areas: Rochdale Village buildings, LIRR (Locust Manor, Laurelton, & Rosedale stations), Jamaica Center at specific bus stops, and Sutphin Blvd. & Archer Ave...  These areas are targeted especially during the hours of 4:30-8pm Monday - Friday.  You can also cover churches and various events on Saturdays & Sundays or go door to door within the district. However many you (& family & friends) can collect will help.

Valuable Resources that will make this work:

1-GOD, Service & Destiny
2-The Plan/The Strategy
3-You the Volunteers
   A-Petition Form (print-out & make at least 20 to 40 copies if possible to use to collect signatures
   B-Flyers (print-out & make 100 copies if possible for distribution)
   C-Donation / Contribution Card / form ( print-out & use to send donation(s)
   D- JM4S Letter to Signature Collectors to Start Collecting-Independent Nominating Petition

6-Media coverage (they will come out to see this happening or wonder how we made it happen)

This could be the beginning of a very beautiful and powerful move for us but you must seize the moment in order for it to manifest.  You can be a part of something big.  “It is in our moment of decision that our destiny is shaped”- a quote from Anthony Robbins.  In the midst of this challenge is a great opportunity for us to succeed and make history.  I’m asking you to face it with me so we can be empowered.  The power of now is here.  Do you want to be empowered?  Can we do this?  YES WE CAN !!!

Please contact us via (347) 722-1126 or email
marthone4ny@gmail.com to find out about specific locations, etc. or any questions or concerns.  Our Campaign Headquarters (formerly Obama’s) is located at 136-11 Farmers Blvd., Springfield Gardens / Jamaica, NY 11434.  With all due thanks.  WE CAN DO THIS !

“The Opportunity of a Lifetime Must Be Taken in The Lifetime of The Opportunity”.  Now is the time!!!

Yours truly,

Joseph Marthone
NYS Senator candidate


Please also forward this email to as many family, friends and associates as possible and see...


 (347) 722-1126

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