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Labadee Manoir is available for any occasion such as: Weddings, Communions, Funerals, and so forth.

- Open 7days a week - From 12pm-Until... -
- $6.99 Weekday LUNCH Special : 12pm to 6pm -
- FREE DELIVERY: Orders of $20 or more  -
- Free wireless Internet available -

- After 6pm 10% discount w/ this FLYER -
- Click picture below to print  discount flyer -

 - Halloween Weekend Events -

FRIDAY OCT. 29, 2010
Soiree Antillaise


Music by: High Class DJs & Untouchable


Kompa Direk Saturday


Music by: High Class DJs & Untouchable


Gala Dominical

Music: DJ Wakine


Labadee Manoir
Restaurant, Catering & Night Club
207-15 Jamaica Ave, 
Queens Village, NY

Map & Directions




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