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RockMasters Entertainment in Association with Brasserie Creole present
Zouk'N Zin Fridays

FRIDAY JUNE 11,  2010 & Every Friday

THIS IS IT.... The return of Zouk'N Zin Fridays is  the most anticipated  weekly event
DON'T FORGET: It's Always Ladies Night - Ladies $5  -HAPPY HOUR
:  Drinks $5.00 (10-12)

Our guest Artist of the night: TPS

This  Friday June 11, we continue the tradition with the best "Spoken Words & Kreyol Poetry" group out of Haiti named "TPS"
If you've never heard these youngsters, well get ready. They are guaranteed to bring
the house down on June 11

TROUPE PAUL EL SADATE (TPS) was founded by Paul El Sadate on March 10, 2010 at the light Auditorium located in Carrefour, Port-au-Prince in Haiti. TPS was formerly know as the association des jeunes pour la promotion de la poesie (AJPROP). The group became well known in 2003 after winning a competition at Ticket Max Academy. Years had passed and AJPROD would often be introduced as Troupe Paul El Sadate. We later decided to keep Troupe Paul El Sadate (TPS) as the official name of the group.

TPS mission is to promote Haitian Poetry. Many people loved and appreciate our poetry because we composed and recited poems in a different style. Since we are here to work for the Haitian culture, we decided to expand our group to include dancers, singers, and theater.

Ladies: $5.00 All Night - Men: $15

Happy Hours:
Drinks $5.00 from 10:00 to Midnight

Last Friday June 4, we had a superb performance by vocalist Tamara Elie who did her first appearance at the Haitian Club scene. She's got great vocal and superb stage presence and was very well recived by the Zouk'N Zin Audience.  If you missed Tamarra, just stay tuned for her next perfomance when we expect her to by back up by the group Zin for her new CDrelease expected in early Jly. Great Job Tamara.


Fri: June 11

Fri: June 18

Fri: June 25

Fri: July 2

TPS (Spoken Words)

Pauline Jean &
Obed Jean Louis (Jazz)

Misty Jean

Nu Faze

New Brasserie Creole
227-02 Linden Blvd
Cambria Heights, NY 11411
Telephone: 718-341-1376

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